About Me

Senior Analyst Aaron Dungca Needham Ma Teacher packs a one-two punch with a successful career in the biopharma field while maintaining a solid fitness training focus. From downhill mountain biking to inland and coastal kayaking, he loves outdoor sports when he is not analyzing trends and strategizing to increase productivity and revenue at his day job.

He also believes significantly in spreading positivity to others and is consistently learning and growing. His podcast history and professional certifications earned throughout his career are a testament to his dedication to staying open and confident.

Current Role and Duties

Since June 2022, Dungca has worked as a senior analyst in business operations and customer experience for a cancer diagnostic company, Foundation Medicine. The role centers on customer experience analysis, end-to-end technology support, strategic planning, and reporting.

Career History

Dungca's previous positions include additional senior analyst roles for field and business operations, Foundation Medicine, and a senior business systems analyst for PTC.

At Samsung NeuroLogica, he worked his way up to sales operation analyst from a starting role as a specialist. He moved from executing a $2.5 million aged inventory audit of over 2,000 medical imaging systems to shaping sales order processing and increasing monthly revenue from $2.5 million to $6 million before his promotion to analyst. After three promotions in 13 months, an even greater focus was placed on increasing sales efficiency and completing system enhancements in key business sectors, such as digital radiography and ultrasound.

His love of the outdoors and fitness is evident in his previous career as an Operations Manager for Boating in Boston and a stint as an adjunct physical education teacher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

At Boating in Boston, Dungca headed operations for a business dedicated to helping people in the greater Boston area connect with kayaking, canoeing, and other water adventures. As an adjunct instructor, he was responsible for developing an emergency physical education class for undergraduates at MIT while implementing student retention strategies and enrollment-boosting activities. Other roles have included coaching football and basketball, wellness teaching, and working as an associate in marketing and technology.

Academic History and Continuing Education Efforts

Aaron Dungca Needham Ma Teacher earned his bachelor's degree at Springfield College and a licentiate degree at Boston University. He holds credentials in Salesforce for Sales Managers, and Salesforce Tips from LinkedIn and the Salesforce awarded designations of Einstein Analytics and Trailhead Community Member.

Professional Skills and Experience

Restructuring and prioritizing are important skills for Dungca. From using inventory audits coupled with advanced management and documentation to reduce revenue loss and increase sales of older inventory to using software and associated optimizations like macros, templates, and constructive team management to grow revenue, he stays focused on the bottom line. Changes he has implemented at various workplaces have simultaneously improved operations for the benefit of employees while streamlining processes to provide better service.

Philanthropy and Charitable Involvement

For philanthropic efforts, Dungca enjoys a blend of hands-on efforts and donations to worthwhile causes. He has recently contributed to clothing drives for Epworth United Methodist Church and Feeds the Hungry food drives for St. Michael's Church. He also donates to a charity devoted to building houses for military veterans.

Accomplishments and Achievements

During college, Dungca participated in AmeriCorps Springfield College. Through AmeriCorps, volunteers undergo extensive training to help mentor, provide youth services, and offer various forms of support to primary and secondary school students.

Participation was yet another effort by Dungca to give back and move forward after his family relocated to the United States from the Philippines when he was 9. While mastering English and observing American culture, he learned to thrive through mental and physical exertion. A robust civic drive helped him become a class vice-president in high school and captain of the football, basketball, and track and field teams. These skills, coupled with time as a peer leader and a mentor, provided the background necessary to shoulder future career demands and his rapid promotion to leadership roles.

Personal Interests and Hobbies

Physical culture is a passion for Dungca, and he regularly trains at his local fitness center. Favourite routines include powerlifting, Olympic lifting, and flexibility training to promote a healthy mind and body connection.

When he isn't in the gym, he gets a solid workout with activities like downhill mountain biking, indoor and outdoor rock climbing, and kayaking in all water bodies. The coastlines, streams, and lakes of his home state of Massachusetts are a favourite haunt.

To keep his brain engaged, Aaron Dungca Needham Ma, Teacher sometimes combines physical challenges with mental engagement, such as science and educational podcasts introducing new concepts for personal and professional growth.

Aaron Dungca Needham Ma Teacher believes in sharing positivity with the world and can be found living this goal via social media profiles used to connect with friends, family, and co-workers.


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